Logotherapy Institute of Finland Ltd

The Logotherapy Institute of Finland Ltd was established in 2003. The institute is a company specialized in producing high quality logotherapeutical and logophilosophical education, coaching, and services as well as increasing the knowledge of logotherapy in Finland in general.

The institute

The institute is the only organization in Finland that organizes and coordinates professional logotherapy training arranged by the European standards. The registered professional specialized studies in logotherapy are meant for all who are interested in psychology and philosophy, personal growth, and enhancing humanity in general.

The curriculum of the long-lasting logotherapy training has been accepted by the DGLE (Deutsche Gesellshaft für Logotherapie und Existenzanalyse), which is formed by Logotherapy Institutes and Associations in Germany. The curriculum is updated regularly. The teachers who are responsible for the training are accepted by the institute.

The present, there are over 200 logotherapists LTI® and logotherapeutic counsellors LTI®.

Logotherapist authorized by the Logotherapy Institute of Finland Ltd (logotherapist LTI®). Logotherapeutic counsellor authorized by the Logotherapy Institute of Finland Ltd (logotherapeutic counseller LTI®)

The institute has its own premises, logotherapy centres, in Imatra and Turku, and the institute arranges training in several cities and towns in Finland.

The structure and contents of the training of Logotherapeutic Counsellor LTI® and Logotherapist LTI®

Logotherapeutic Counsellor LTI® 60 credits, 2 years

Logotherapist LTI® 100 credits, 4 – 4,5 years

The training is professional specialized studies, which does not qualify for working as a psychotherapist without special qualifications for this.